Plant Availability List  
Korean Plum Yew – (Cephalotaxus harringtonia v. drupacea)
Yew like evergreen foliage with larger needles – deer ignore it!  In October purple 1 ½” fruit with largish edible seed – fruit tastes like a plum
dipped in pine sap.  Very drought resistant!  Will live in fairly dark shade but is slow, grows best in full to half-day sun – 10’ after 20 years.
Needle Palm – (Rhapidophyllum histrix)
Hardiest palm in the world (to -12ºF).  10 feet after 20 years.
Giant Barberry – (Berberis thunbergii ‘Crimson Giant’)
Red-leafed barberry 7-8 feet+ tall with bright yellow, showy flowers.  Full sun for best color.
Red-Leaf Japanese Maples – (Acer palmatum)
All our Maples are seed grown and on their own roots – the parent tree was a small 15-20’ tree.  Leaves will be red in full sun.  Excellent fall
Tree Peonies – (Paeonia ostii)
Very early bloom season – we offer own rooted seed grown plants – currently 5 and 8 years old – blooming size – eventually each plant can
make a 5-6 foot very long-lived shrub which does not die to the ground each year as Herbaceous peonies do.  The 5-6” flowers are
fragrant, usually white, occasionally opening pink and fading to white.  In Chinese medicine known as Feng Dan Bai or dan pi
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