30 Myers Road
Summertown, TN  38483-7323   U.S.A.
Phone:          (931) 964-4151
Fax:            (931) 964-4228

We welcome visiting Bamboo researchers and have an
intern/apprentice program available

Please Note:
Hours: 7:00 am-5:00 pm  M-F
Visits are by appointment only.
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We founded - SE Chapter of the American Bamboo Society(1990)
and Adam is a Fellow of the Linnean Society
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Fresh "baby" ginger grown and
harvested(Oct. 2013)on our farm
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At Earth Advocates Research Farm we are researching candidate plant species,
evaluating plant assemblages and exploring cultural techniques and strategies all
toward developing sustainable
, regenerative ways (i.e. low input) of stewarding our
home planet.

This sacred space, now known as Earth Advocates Research Farm(EARF), was
established in the fall of 1991.  It is a non-academically and non-governmentally
affiliated informal not for profit organization located in the low rolling hills of
Southern middle Tennessee.  Here we host a number of Bamboo
, Permaculture, and
related events.
Mission Statement      

Many years ago:        
•  As awareness of the cumulative abuse and
increasing fragility of our planet’s  ecosystems
became inescapable, and
•  Noticing that our land grant universities were/are
paying less and less attention to the needs of small
land holders, and
•  Realizing we lacked reliable information on
sustainability or even what might constitute good

We, as advocates for the planet and in service to  
the sacred, dedicated our farm and our lives to
researching strategies, techniques and insights to
address these shortcomings, with a specific focus on the needs of the people and
land of middle Tennessee.  To this end we research, evolve, demonstrate and share
information and insights that have proven appropriate for middle Tennessee and
climatically similar areas.  We seek to understand the processes, relationships, and
natural cycles so as to better realize our human potential as responsive co-
participants and hopefully become better stewards.  Much of our work is on the
elemental level – i.e.  fire, water, earth, air, & spirit – and, of course, their complex
interconnected relationships.  Realizing that we are part of it all, we’d like to get
better at it.
EARF is the home of ‘Our’ Bamboo Nursery, featuring our hardy Landscape
Grade Bamboos.  
At EARF we grow or have grown around 350 species and forms
of hardy Bamboos as well as myriad other obscure but potentially useful plant
species under performance trials in display gardens and groves.  As an aspect of
our Bamboo research, we operated a USDA approved Bamboo import/quarantine
station for many years and successfully introduced several taxa not previously
available in the U.S.

EARF previously published the illustrated journal, Temperate Bamboo
Quarterly, back volumes of  which are still available along with several other
books on Bamboo which we published &/or contributed to.  Through the
Institute of Tennessee
we offer classes and intensive short courses.

EARF is mainly funded by the dba -- 'Our' Bamboo Nursery, as well as revenue
from consultations, courses and donations to support our research.  Recently we
have become retail vendors of useful neglect tolerant plants at the
(Tennessee) Farmer’s Market several Saturdays each month during the planting
season.  We approach this as primarily an opportunity for local education and
outreach and, of course, it helps with needed funding as the Bamboo business slows

EARF maintains an extensive Research and Bamboo and Ethnobotanical library.
We can and have provided speakers to address various aspects of Bamboo,
Permaculture, Applied Ethnobotany, Sustainable Gardening & related topics such
as soil building and water harvesting in the U.S. and internationally.  
See list of
previous presentation topics and venues.

Elders, Adam Turtle FLS and Susanne E. Turtle are the resident stewards and
principal researchers/co-coordinators.  We can be reached at
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