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Sue Turtle - Coming from a background in administration, Sue is a
good organizer. She has experience organizing, catering, and
hosting local, regional and national gatherings. She is a former
Health Educator, dancer, musician (flute & piano), elder caregiver,
a gardener, and an avid reader. Sue has been trained in the basics
of Solar Photovoltaics and helped build the greenhouses, gardens
and house here at EARF. She completed the Permaculture course
twice – 1984 and an advanced course in 1988.

Sue has been a seeker of Truth for over 30 years – studying (and
graduating -1983) at Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston,
Massachusetts where she was introduced to the concept of
Permaculture – and since then has been a student of healing and
wholeness: Healing our selves, our Earth and our relationships –
body/mind/spirit as One. She has studied with Tibetan Buddhist,
Native American and Shamanic teachers (as well as various healing
modalities such as Polarity, massage, structural alignment, etc.),
endeavoring to learn to better walk in balance and harmony on this
Earth journey Sue has participated in various ceremonies where
called and created rituals and ceremonies for healing.

Sue and Adam organized and hosted the Eastern Permaculture
convergences in 1991 at Standing Stone State Park and again in
1995 here at Earth Advocates where we have also held week long
intensive courses in Bamboo Furniture Making, Basketry,
Construction, Identification and culture.  Sue and Adam are also
active in area Powwows.
Staff and Researchers
Adam Turtle FLS (Fellow of the Linnean Society) - A former
Boy Scout, and at various times, cowboy, fisherman, truck
driver, chef, homeless bum, woodworker, sculptor, preacher,
theosopher and general trouble maker, left the mainstream in
1970 to pursue a quest for insight into good stewardship -- this
led to ethnobotanical studies (on the land primarily with
occasional forays into academia) -- lots of wood lore, wild
crafting, gardening, etc,

Adam began working with bamboos in '79, Permaculture in '81
and again in '88 (both with B. Mollison), Integrated Pest
Management (IPM) in '93, soil building and water management
are ongoing. He aspires to becoming a better earth citizen and
general systems synthesist.

Although possessing only an eighth grade diploma, Adam is an
alum (non-matriculating) of San Antonio College, Oklahoma
University, the University of Arizona, the University of
Maryland and has taught at several others. As Helen Bullard
said in "Crafts and Craftsmen of the Tennessee Mountains",   
"His degrees are Nth!"
Adam and Sue Turtle
Sue and Adam
at Franklin Market
Adam with Tree Peony
Gansu Mudan
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Sue dressed in
Early Eastern Woodland
Pow-Wow Regalia