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                                                       Plant Availability List - Wholesale

Each Bamboo listed is annotated for its potential maximum height in feet, diameter in inches, minimum
temperature in degrees
Fahrenheit (below which some damage occurs), and sun/shade requirements (1 =
full shade, 5 = full sun
).  Availability varies so it is best to call and check – especially on large landscape
jobs.  Our biggest job to date required
four semi-trucks to haul it.  If we are out of your first choice, we can
frequently recommend a Bamboo with similar appearance and performance.  We also broker for other
growers and can usually locate any species and/or size if it is available at all.   Most of the listed Bamboos
can perform as herbaceous perennials with adequate mulch in areas where the tops are killed by extreme
low winter temperatures.  Note when they are top killed, the Bamboos will come back smaller than they were
and will take a few mild years to size back up.  

Where possible, we have used what we believe to be the most botanically valid and scientifically accurate
nomenclature.  However, on some of our newer acquisitions where the identity is in some doubt, we have
retained the name under which we received the material.  The same holds true for the performance
annotations.  As we learn more, we will update appropriately.  We will be happy to discuss these and other
points with you and to advise on the most effective Bamboos for your site and application.

The digging window for middle Tennessee for most species is late August until just before shoot initiation,
which varies by species and sometimes by year, but is usually around mid-March.  If your job requires us to
dig after shoot initiation (March-August), there is a 50% out-of-season charge to compensate for the extra
risk both in the grove and to the quality of the newly dug plants.  We encourage you to order
at least six
weeks before you need the material.

                                                 V - Variegated (leaf and/or culm)

All of our Bamboos are hand dug to your specs.  We specialize in large (up to 45’), landscape ready,
stabilized B & B field divisions.   Some containerized material may be on hand, especially groundcovers.   
Inquire for propagation or conservation grade plants for use where economy is more important than initial
appearance.  We do ship on our truck or commercial (dedicated loads only) with $1,500. minimum order.  
We are not mail order.  Small orders must be picked up at the nursery by appointment and must be pre-
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