30 Myers Road
Summertown, Tn. 38483-7323   U.S.A

Phone:        (931) 964-4151
Fax:           (931) 964-4228
Hours: 7:00 am-5:00 pm CST
Visits By Appointment Only
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'Our' Bamboo Nursery is a low volume, high quality
wholesale nursery specializing in heat and cold hardy
landscape-grade, stabilized B&B Bamboos (and a few
other potentially important and useful plants).  All Bamboo
is hand-dug to order specifications.  See our Terms and
Conditions below.
The name 'Our' Bamboo Nursery (OBN) derives from the
fact that no bank is or has ever been a partner.  
Also, we
neither ask for nor offer credit. All orders require a
deposit and are to be paid in full upon pickup or delivery,
Further, OBN is the primary funding source for Earth
Advocates Research Farm, (EARF) a not for profit
research, demonstration and teaching facility screening
candidate plant species and exploring techniques and
strategies for restorative stewardship and low-input
sustainability in southern middle Tennessee.  
EARF is also
the umbrella for several related Bamboo and Permaculture
All 'Our' Bamboo Nursery plants are field grown, dug to order
B&B and stabilized with a month or more of intensive care.
They are correctly identified in accordance with current
international botanical nomenclature.  We have over 30 years
of Bamboo growing experience and grow or have grown over
350 species and cultivars of hardy Bamboo.
‘Our’ Bamboo Nursery is located within the confines of
Earth Advocates Research Farm(EARF) a non-
academically and non-governmentally affiliated informal
not for profit organization.  
EARF is located in the rolling
hills of southern-middle Tennessee, just outside the
community of Summertown.
Our specialty is Landscape Grade Bamboos.  Normally
they are spec-ed as 8-10 feet or better with a 3-cane
average in a 15-18” rootball.  
Specifications for heavier
cane counts and/or taller plants in larger rootballs can be

at proportional prices.
Since all of our Bamboos are field divisions, it is difficult to
price all sizes in advance.  Once we know your specs, we can
give you a quote; or if we know your purpose and budget, we
can recommend plants to suit.
Since all plants are custom dug and stabilized for 30 days or
more, we need a 20% deposit at least 6 weeks before the
material is required.  The digging “window” is roughly 1
January to mid-March and again mid-August to mid-November
(depending, of course, on species and even year).
With a $1,500 minimum order, we can quote delivery on our
truck or arrange for a big truck at cost. Please inquire. Of
course, you may pick up at the nursery near Summertown, Tn.  
There is no minimum for pickup.
Bamboos can be dug anytime except when the ground is
frozen or when actively making new shoots (for most
species this is in April, May & June).  If your job and time
frame makes it absolutely necessary for us to dig during
this time, we will try to accommodate but
will require a
50% surcharge to cover the losses and extra work in
stabilization entailed.
Please Note:

We are not a mail order nursery.
At present, we
do not accept credit card orders.
do not ship via UPS or USPS
Our hours are 7 am - 5 pm CST   M-F
Visits By Appointment Only

Please speak slowly and clearly if you reach our
answering machine, and please try to give us an idea
of the best time to return your call.
Nursery tours, on-site consultations and slide
presentations can be arranged.  Fees may apply,
please inquire.
New shoots from hardy
field grown bamboos.
Spring 2012
The 'Our' Bamboo
truck and
trailer loaded for