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Phyllostachys elegans – Elegant Bamboo;
 Full sun to open shade, to 32 feet, USDA Zones 7-9.  Canes very upright but tips of branches droop –
reminds me of a ballerina on pointe.  In an established grove there are subtle variations in cane coloring
due to mixed aged – subtle and charming.  Usually the first Bamboo to shoot each spring.
This and the next Bamboo are more
tolerant of saturated soils than any
others, hence its common name.
Phyllostachys heteroclada – Water Bamboo;
 Sun to bright shade, to 33 feet, USDA Zones 6-9.  Gray-green canes with prominent nodes – tough,
pretty and fast spreading – excellent for screening – branches very horizontal.  Evergreen to -10ºF!  
Phyllostachys heteroclada ‘Solidstem’ – Solidstem Water Bamboo;
Sun to bright shade, to 25 feet, USDA Zones 6-9.  Smaller than the type with a more evident taper to the solid (not
hollow!) gray-green canes which have prenodal swelling with pronounced nodal ridges and occasional irregularities in
intermodal lengths – intriguing.  Has potential to be an important Bamboo for artisanal craft work.
Phyllostachys nigra – Black Bamboo;
Best as an understory in bright, filtered light with morning sun, usually up to 30 feet but some clones can reach
65 feet, others no more than 16 to 20 feet. USDA Zones 7-9.  Some blacken early, others only after 2 or 3 years.  
There are many named clones – inquire.  Can be more drought sensitive than other hardy bamboos.
Phyllostachys nigra ‘Bory’ – Snakeskin or Leopard Skin Bamboo
Has what are referred to as “Clouds” on older canes.  Can reach 50 ± feet by about 3”.  Much sought after for
fine furniture making.  Evergreen to a bit below 0ºF.
Close-up of older cane showing brown
"Clouds" on gray-green canes.
An eighteen-year-old grove at woods
edge here at EARF.
Phyllostachys nigra ‘Henon’ – Giant Gray Bamboo;
Best in sun, but light shade okay, to 65 feet by 4 ½” dbh, USDA Zones 6b-9.  A good dual purpose bamboo (mid
to late season edible shoots & high-quality timber).  Branches usually too high to use for screening.  This is the
phytogenetic type or “mother” of all
P. nigra bamboo – all other forms or cultivars are mutations and/or “sports”.  
Their seedling offspring will tend to be
P. n. ‘Henon’
Long shot of established grove in full
sun showing the typical ferny look
produced by Henon’s small leaves.
Interior of an established 19-year-old
grove.  Note the whitish bands under
the nodes of the first year cane in left  
foreground – many species in genus
Phyllostachys have this feature which
usually fades and becomes a dark
band as the cane ages.  This is useful
so you can avoid first-year canes
which lack strength and rot quickly
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Phyllostachys nigra ‘Henon’ – Giant Gray Bamboo;
Typical landscape grade 3-cane, 15-20’, stabilized B&B ready to ship.  
Left – P. nigra grove just groomed.  
Right: 15’ tall
P. nigra stabilizing in our
holding yard.